Welcome to Apostrophe Bath & Body, where we want to indulge you in soapy pleasure that has been handcrafted especially for you. 

Our Soaps are handmade using the Cold Process method, where your soaps journey starts as a blend of high quality oils that go through a natural saponifaction process before being carefully hand cut, shaped and loved before being left to cure for 4 weeks. Our oils are 100% plant based and have been chosen for their healing and nourishing properties.  These factors combined result in a unique Vegan soap that is moisturising, gentle & has plenty of bubbly lather!

Because our soaps are handcrafted from a blend of fine oils & essential oils they are hypoallergenic and aid a variety of skin ailments. We also only use pure essential oils to scent our soaps adding a host of aromatherapy benefits, each bars super-healing properties are listed on their product page in our shop.

Happy shopping & happy bathing!